Getting crazy about having too much children under Resource Container in MODX Resource Tree? Check this out! You will not regret it.

Collections is a new MODX Revolution extra that add a Custom Resource Class named Collection Container.

Basic features

Any direct child resource will be hidden from Resource tree and listed in a grid view (articles like) under a dedicated "Children" tab. If any of these child resources will have a child, the resource will stay shown in the Resource tree.

Extended features

You can easily drag and drop resources, containers and even Collection containers under the Collection container. This will lead to hiding them from the Resource tree and showing them under "Children" tab (obviously only for resources, containers will remain in the Resource tree as was described above).

Also you are able to nest Collection containers (creating, or moving another Collection container under other Collection container). Nested Collection containers will stay shown as well as Resource containers.

Go get it

Here comes the time when you want to try it and get rid of your horrible mess in the Resource tree. There is nothing easier, Collections are available through the package management, or can be downloaded here. Also, if you find any bug, or you will have any question, feel free to create an issue in GitHub Collection's repository.

Post By John Peca MODX