Git Package Management: elements & uninstall

Git Package Management: elements & uninstall

As I promised I have done. In new preview you will see new fetures of Git Package Management: creating elements (chunks, snippets, plugins and templates) and uninstall process.

Creating elements

With new preview video comes new functions such as creating elements. You can specify in config file snippets, chunks, plugins and templates, that will be created during installation process.

For better usage all elements are created as static, so you can easily edit them by your favourite editing tool.

All elements are also inserted to newly created category named as package itself.

Uninstall process

Finally, I added ability to uninstall package. That means that everything that was added to MODx during installation can be easily removed.

This process will need some improvements in future, like choosing if you want to delete or keep package folder. I want to add console for logging uninstallation progress like it is in installation process.

Installing from folder

Now it is possible to install package just from folder. You can clone extra to folder by yourself, or if you just starting new extra this will do the basic setup and you can start developing faster.

A little help is needed

I will be glad for any comments, questions, requests and other things that can make this extra better and usable to more people.

If you have anything to say please contact me directly on skype: the_boxer or email:

I will also need some testers, so if anybody is interested and will have some time, contact me on email/skype too please.

Preview #3

And here is the promised preview video.

Oh yeah, I forgot the semicolon in the snippet :).

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