Git Package Management preview

Git Package Management preview

Have you ever want to contribute to any package, or download and install package outside of MODx root (fast & easy of course)? This preview is right for you! No build script!

What it can do

This extra is now able to clone git repository to specified folder. Folder can be anywhere outside MODx folder. After cloning, installation part begins. Right now, installation procees can handle theese things:

  • Create namespace
  • Create actions and menus
  • Create additional system settings (core_path & assets_url are created automaticaly)
  • Create database tables
  • Register extension package

This should cover most of extras. There is no need for build script in repository, so you can download any package you want and install it.

Unfortunately there is need for special config file. Which syntax should be clear & easy enough. Here are two samples of working configs sample 1, sample 2. In config file you have to provide only things that yours extra need.

What it can't do, now

Now is not possible to uninstall extra, but I am working on it :). You can't download repositories by ssh link, I am trying to find solution for this, but without success for now :(. You also can't update extra. Installation process can't create elements. This features I would like to implement before alpha release.


I prepared two preview videos, where you can see how it is working.

Preview #1

Preview #2

Post By John Peca MODX