The beginning

The beginning

For a long time ago I wanted to start own space, to share some my minds, ideas and experiences. Today I am introducing this.

First steps

Finally I got some extra free time and I made this. Of course it's on MODx Revolution. MODx can really fit all designs of yours dreams.

For a weeks I have been looking for template (yes, you are reading well, this is from template, I am not a designer neither coder) that will fit my needs and I found one, just one. This. Many thanks goes to for creating this awesome template.

What's inside

As I mentioned before, this site is running on MODx Revolution. Menu is generated by WayFinder and blog part is made by Articles, both from Shaun McCormick. Other used extras: Ace, FormIt, phpThumbOf. Thanks authors for creating them.

Posts on home page

Posts on home page are retrieved by a short cute query:

This query should retrieve last 15 posts and last 15 posts from every category (post, image, video, quote, link). No duplicates. I hope... :)

If somebody will have any improvements, or xPDO mutation of this query, contact me please.

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