Hello, my name is John Peca and I am from Czech Republic.

I am PHP developer since year 2002 or so. About 4-5 years ago I hit to the MODX evolution, but it didn't catch me.

After a while when appeared MODX Revolution, I gave him second chance, and he charmed me as no other CMS before. Since then Revolution made great steps and so did I.

I moved from innocent MODX user to a extras developer and core contributor.

It wasn't easy path, mostly because I never heard about Ext JS before. But when I went through the hard start and did my first component, I started like Ext JS for it's extendability and how can you reuse other code.

When I can't use MODX, I am choosing Symfony framework.

What I will write about?

Who knows...

I would like to write about MODX Revolution development. I hope it will help people to start contributing. It's opensource and opensource needs contributors.

And of course I would like to post some personal stuff.